I did a story about a painting of "Maude" star Bea Arthur topless selling at auction for just under two million dollars last week. Well there's an update to the story. We now know who bought it! Jimmy Kimmel!

According to the Breitbart.com "JIMMY KIMMEL BOUGHT $1.9M 'NUDE BEA ARTHUR' PAINTING... FOR A FRIEND" "U.S. comedian Jeffrey Ross tweeted a photo of himself with a nude painting of the late sitcom star Bea Arthur, saying the work was a gift from Jimmy Kimmel. "Biggest surprise of my life. Thank you @JimmyKimmel -- the most generous guy in the world!" Ross tweeted Friday. "@RealJeffreyRoss Bea is watching over us, but especially you," Kimmel tweeted back."

UPDATE! According to the LA Times story "Jimmy Kimmel denies he bought Bea Arthur painting [Updated]"

"Jimmy Kimmel took to Twitter late Friday to deny that he was the buyer of John Currin's nude Bea Arthur painting, contradicting an earlier tweet confirming that he was. He also denied that he had given the painting to fellow comedian Jeffrey Ross.

Kimmel wrote on his official Twitter account: "Contrary to 'news' reports, I didn't buy the Bea Arthur painting - not even for @realjeffreyross - but I did buy the Mona Lisa Lampanelli."

So what is right? How did Ross take the picture with the painting? Me smells a burnt bra.

jeff ross/twitter