A generation or two ago, most moms stayed home with the kids – and most dads went off to earn money.

But now, more and more guys are saying screw it, I'll stay home with the kids.

In case you missed it: the New York Times reported that the number of dudes who are staying at home to raise kids has nearly doubled over the last fifteen years -- and a large percentage of these guys are choosing to stay home by choice.

Sure, some of this has to do with job loss – but there’s a lot of guys who are totally cool with being judged harshly for letting their wife be the breadwinner. The lines are definitely blurred...

So what’s the best way to describe these guys? What should they be called?
• Housedude? Househusband?
• Hands-on dad?
• Stay-at-home dad?
• Work-at-home dad?
• Mr. Mom?
• Rebel Dad?
• Full-time father?

• How different is the role you play in your family’s life compared with the role your dad – or your grandpa – played?
• If you’re one of these guys, how do you explain it to others? How do you like to be described? Are you ever embarrassed when you have to admit that you stay at home all day, every day, with the kids? What stuff are you doing to stay sane – and fight back against the idea that you’re not a “real man”?