Sometimes you see couples that just don't seem like they go together... she's super hot, he's well, not. He's into poetry, she's into S&M-- that sort of thing. You wonder what's going on there that makes it work. It's especially puzzling when the couple is famous. In honor of the American Music Awards tonight, MSN's Wonderwall put together a list of music's oddest couples. Check out the Classic Hit's artists in the bunch after the jump.

  • Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley-Jackson

    Thought to be a publicity sham by many, MJ & LM were married a whole 20 months back in '94. Remember the music vid they did together for "You Are Not Alone"? Creepy...

    Frank Micellata/ Getty Images
  • Ric Ocasek and Paulina Porizkova

    The Cars frontman married the supermodel in 1989. They met when Paulina landed a job playing Ric's girl in the music video for "Drive"-- and they're still together!

    Mathew Peyton/ Getty Images
  • Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley

    The tough boxer from long Island turned musician met the model in '83. Out of their decade long marriage came daughter, Alexa Ray Joel, a musician like her dad.

    Diane Freed/ Getty Images
  • Eddie Van Halen and Valerie Bertinelli

    The sitcom star met the rocker backstage in 1980. The couple stayed together for more than 20 years, weathering infidelity, drug and alcohol abuse and even Eddie's cancer before divorcing in 2007.

    Vince Bucci/ Getty Images