After the success of their Bridge over Troubled Water album in 1970, both Simon and Garfunkel decided to part ways and record their own solo material.In June 1972, they were asked to sing at a political benefit concert for United States presidential candidate George McGovern at Madison Square Garden, New York City.

On October 18, 1975, Simon hosted the second episode of the premiere season of the NBC comedy sketch program Saturday Night Live. During the musical numbers, Garfunkel performed with him, and together they sang three songs: "The Boxer"; "Scarborough Fair"; and their new collaboration, "My Little Town".

Simon has stated that the song is not autobiographical; instead he says that it is about "someone who hates the town he grew up in. Somebody happy to get out."[3] He has been quoted describing the writing of the song: "It originally was a song I was writing for Artie. I was gonna write a song for his new album, and I told him it would be a nasty song, because he was singing too many sweet songs. It seemed like a good concept for him." After playing the song for Garfunkel, the two decided to collaborate again in the studio on this one track.

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