While working Saturday afternoon, I noticed that the street sign across from me didn't look right.

Yes, there is a small section of South Division in Kentwood that is called "DIVSION". Who knew?

At first I thought I was looking at the sign from a weird angle, and that's why it was missing an "I". Then I thought maybe the "I" didn't survive the harsh winter or maybe was ripped off in last week's storms.


It was a good old fashioned spelling error, plain and simple. Which leads to believe there are other misspelled street signs in our area that I haven't seen yet. If you find one, or already know of one, we'd love to see your photos of them, just end them to me: jojo@wfgr.com.

If you want to see it for yourself, the sign is just south of 48th Street, across from Auto Galaxy (which has some really good Grand Opening deals still going on) and catty corner from Kelloggsville High School, home of the Rockets, and better spellers than the City of Kentwood.