I know the weather this weekend will drive most people outdoors to have fun, but save this list, because these movies all honor the theme of making the ultimate sacrifice for one's country.


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    Although rather lengthy, the scene where Michigan's Jeff Daniels as Joshua Chamberlain holds off a Southern charge with the 20th Maine is inspirational.

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    "The Pacific"

    This HBO Series was at its best depicting the soul sucking nature of extended battle. In this scene, Lt. Sledge shows what was known in World War II as "The Thousand Yard Stare".

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    "The Messenger"

    A look into the difficult job of the casualty notification officers who notify the relatives of those lost in war.

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    "Saving Private Ryan"


    This movie not only has the most graphically realistic depiction of the invasion at Normandy, it also has this scene, where a 70 year old Ryan asks his wife if he was good enough to save.

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    "Taking Chance"