The fine folks at NBC are having some problems these days. First the whole Jay Leno/Conan O'Brien/Ann Curry personnel issues. Then they cancel one of their best performing shows (Harry's Law) And let's not even get me started about WHITNEY. Now the Olympics are here, what could go wrong with that?

After getting in to a Tweeting match with a critic whose Twitter account was cancelled after posting some unflattering things about their coverage, NBC's gold medal image is being tarnished again. The net has been criticized for it's tape delay policies, (gotta have swimming and gymnastics in prime time!) it's editing of the opening ceremonies, and now, they are sweetening the audio in rowing events. Huh?

Seems with all the helicopters and equipment its hard to hear the rowers natural sound. So NBC is replacing the audio with practice sounds of the rowers. What's next? "Hey that guy who won the medal is pretty enough. Let's do it over!" Come on...if a bombing isn't bloody enough, do they have them do it over? I thought this was reporting on a world event, not making entertainment because it doesn't sound good enough for TV...

When the CW beats NBC next year, some gold medal winner in the Bahamas will yell "Karma!"