I always thought since I have dark brown eyes that meant I was full of....Well you know. But I'm way off. A new study by Charles University in Prague shows that "Brown eyed people 'more trustworthy' but its not for the reason you think. The color has really nothing to do with your trustworthiness.

"People with brown eyes were judged to be more trustworthy by a panel of volunteers than their blue-eyed peers. But when a separate group of volunteers were shown photographs of men with identical faces but whose eye colours had been artificially changed they were rated as looking equally trustworthy.
The findings suggest that the key to being trusted lies in facial characteristics which are shared by people with brown eyes but which are not related to eye colour, experts said.

Brown-eyed men, for example, tend to have rounder faces with broader chins, wider mouths with upward-pointing corners, larger eyes and eyebrows closer to each other – qualities which are more masculine and therefore more trustworthy.
In contrast, men with blue eyes shared qualities which made them appear more shifty such as smaller eyes and narrower mouths with downward-pointing corners.

I always used to say as a teen "Trust me...I'm a doctor" Guess I should have said "Trust me I have a rounder face"!