Yeah I was SHOCKED when I read this too! Ok, not really...but I WAS surprised the percentages were so high. A new Gallup poll shows that 70 percent of Americans are negative about their jobs. They either hate their bosses' or are "completely disengaged". Wow. No WONDER people are so miserable!

The story from the New York Daily News "Workplace morale heads down: 70% of Americans negative about their jobs, Gallup study shows" paints a picture. And it ain't a pretty one.

"The other findings of Gallup's 2013 State of the American Workplace report were grim; at best, 30% of the 150,000 full and part-time workers surveyed honestly enjoyed their jobs and their bosses. But that's where the good news stopped.

A full 20% of respondents are what Gallup classifies as "actively disengaged," the ones who are muttering complaints at the water cooler and using their lunch breaks to scour job postings online. The remaining 50% of U.S. workers are "disengaged," according to the report, meaning that while they show up for work, they are not "inspired by their managers."

Wow. As one who pretty much loves his job, I'd HATE to be at a job that I hated. And If I didn't really like my bosses, I could probably get through that, but seriously. I have been doing this for 23 years, and I really couldn't see myself realistically doing anything else. I could be a "root beer tester" or "adult movie reviewer", but...those jobs are falling out of the sky.

The moral of the story? Find something you love to will live longer!