WZZM is freshening their on air look. No they aren't changing anchors or anything like that (That's right--Dave Kachele's gig is safe--for now ;) ) BUT they are changing the on air look of their graphics and newscasts. Yay!

I'm a big geek when it comes to stuff like this! From the WZZM Website...

"The new streamlined look of the news features simple color coding on the bottom of your television screen to help make the newscasts more clear and understandable for you, our viewers. This redesign will allow your eyes to naturally go to the most important information first and then to secondary details. The look tells you what's on the screen in detail, while telling you what's coming up without distracting from the story on the screen.

This completely new approach to news presentation is the result of an in-depth exploration by Gannett Broadcasting. The color coding aligns with Gannett's newspaper and media giant, USA Today."

Those colors are

BLUE: News
YELLOW: Weather
DARK RED: Sports
PURPLE: Lifestyle and Entertainment stories
ORANGE: Tech Stories
GREEN: Money
BRIGHT RED: Breaking News
GREY: Opinion stories