Founding member of the legendary Hawkwind, Nik Turner, is bringing his own 'Space Ritual' back the the United States this fall for a big tour.

There are no Michigan dates set, but there is a Sept. 18 concert in Chicago.

Last year, Turner released 'Space Gypsy,' a new album that successfully captured the sound and style of prime era (1971-75) Hawkwind. Following the release, he and his band hit the road playing smaller clubs.

They are now set to return to the U.S. with a larger tour, doing their best to recreate the original experience of the band's legendary 1972 'Space Ritual' tour. The shows will feature the bulk of songs from that '72 set list, as well as other Hawkwind classics, and new material mixed in.

Meanwhile, original guitarist Dave Brock had several issues that prevented him bringing his own version of Hawkwind here. Turner and Brock have had legal battles over the rights to use the Hawkwind name, and it now appears that Turner has been allowed to have his group billed as Nik Turner's Hawkwind.

“This tour is the essence of space-rock," Turner said in a press release, "The extra-terrestrial, inter-galactic, orgasmic embodiment of the loving and healing vibrations, and the rocking music of the spheres, flame on, one love.”

Alongside Turner on sax, flute and vocals, will be Nicky Garratt on guitar, Jason Willer on drums and percussion, bassist Bryce Shelton, and Kephera Moon on various keyboards. Opening the shows will be contemporary psychedelic space rockers Witch Mountain and Hedersleben.

Nik Turner's Hawkwind's 2014 Tour Dates
Aug. 26 - Oakland
Aug. 27 - Los Angeles
Aug. 28 - San Diego
Aug. 29 - Tucson, Ariz.
Aug. 30 - Albuquerque, N.M.
Sept. 1 - Austin, Texas
Sept. 2 - New Orleans
Sept. 3 - Birmingham, Ala.
Sept. 4 - Memphis
Sept. 5 - Lafayette, Ga.
Sept. 6 - Raleigh, N.C.
Sept. 7 - Richmond, Va.
Sept. 8 - Baltimore
Sept. 9 - Philadelphia
Sept. 10 - Sellersville, Pa.
Sept. 11 - New York
Sept. 12 - Boston
Sept. 14 - Montreal
Sept. 15 - Toronto
Sept. 16 - Rochester, N.Y.
Sept. 17 - Cleveland
Sept. 18 - Chicago
Sept. 19 - Rock Island, Ill.
Sept. 20 - Milwaukee
Sept. 21 - Saint Paul, Minn.
Sept. 22 - Winnipeg, Manitoba
Sept. 23 - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Sept. 24 - Calgary, Alberta
Sept. 26 - Vancouver
Sept. 27 - Seattle
Sept. 28 - Portland, Ore.