It's not as catchy as "Furniture City" or "Beer City USA", but Grand Rapids might have a new title it's known for. "No Wipes in the Pipes" is a mailing that has been sent to city residents reminding them to not flush baby or "disposable" wipes down the toilet. Now if the mailing was the only publicity that saying would have gotten, it probably wouldnt be that big of a deal.

But when it's part of a story in USA Today, well that changes everything. The story "Wipes in the pipes snarling sewers" explains the problems cities around the country are having with the wipes.

"In Grand Rapids, Mich., wipes get hung up on pumps and in pipes, says Mike Lunn, environmental services manager. City officials have focused on public education and sent a mailing to residents that urged "no wipes in the pipes," but the problems continue."

Way to go Mike Lunn! Making Grand Rapids proud!