Power Shopping. Window Washing. Crab Catching. OK I made those up, but there are some odd "sports" that have been a part of the Olympics in the past. Like Club swinging and Tug of War. Really. Tug of War. That would be something for TV these days. Much like the "World's Strongest Man" shows on ESPN, maybe Tug of War WOULD be kinda fun.

In a story on CNN.com The 10 strangest Olympic sports events like Roller hockey and Rope climbing only lasted one Olympics, in 1992 and 1932 respectively. Here's the full Top 10 list, from the home office in Wahoo, Nebraska. Some of these weird events are actually still Olympic events...read on.

Club swinging -- not picking up babes at nightclubs, but actually swinging heavy clubs around and around

Tug of war -- that's exciting TV! Too bad they eliminated it in 1920

Solo synchronized swimming -- Made its debut in 1984 and was last seen in 1992.

Swimming obstacle course -- Swimmer had to climb over boats, swim under things and then climb up a pole. This was another event that was halted after the 1900 Paris games. I'd like to see this one come back! Maybe throw in some sharks to spice it up a bit!

Roller hockey -- 1992 was the one and only year for roller hockey

La Canne -- it's like fencing, but with a walking stick. No, you won't see it this year.

Rope climbing -- this classic gym activity was eliminated after 1932.

Trampoline -- I loved this competition in 2000! And yes, it's back!

Race walking -- This is another one you'll see in the next couple weeks, and to prevent the competitors from running, they must have one foot on the ground at all times. It's fun to watch this competition because it looks like a bunch of people that are racing to the bathroom... GET OUT OF MY WAAAAAY!