Okay - I know it's tough to win Clucks Classic Cash - $1000!   Vicky Sadowski knows this first hand. Vicki is an everyday listener to WFGR - which I appreciate it.  She was feeling a bit frustrated about not being able to win the cash thus far, so rather than getting angry... she turned to what any normal person would do... poetry!

Ode To Cluck - By Vicki Sadowski:

Cluck, at your cash contest

I completly suck

I call in every time and can't

even be caller number nine

Is is because I have to dial my

old fashion phone punching

every diget, as I have no fancy super power

electronic wiget?

Here I whine caus I can't win

a dime!


Well Done Vicki!  Cluck would be proud - and good luck winning that money!