Our first WFGR Wee Difference organization is Olivia's Gift.

An organization founded by a mom who wanted the best for her daughter Oliva as she grew into a young woman despite the fact she is in need of assistance due to a near drowning when she was three years old.

WFGR was invited out to be a part of their annual "Beach Bash" at The Score on Northland drive in June and we were blown away by the residents of Olivia's gift as well as the parents and families.

It's a true testament to love, determination and the parents who go above and beyond so much so with their child....the cup spills over and a great, caring, empowering organization is born and it changes the lives of everyone involved. Please take a couple minutes to learn about Olivia's Gift. Maybe they are an organization that can help you.

Or better yet, maybe they are an organization that YOU can help.

If you would like to support Olivia's Gift by purchasing some of their home made dog biscuits called "Pooch Treats" use this link to learn more.  The founder of Olivia's gift is Kelly Henrickson.