A collection of thoughts and rants from a doofus....

-Boy don't ever cross Hugh Hefner...here's what the former future Mrs. Hefner got after she dumped him for Dr. Phil's son, Jordan McGraw...
She should give Julia Roberts a call...or Richard Gere.

-Why did I see Tamera and Tia Mowery on Iron Chef America over the Weekend? What, were the two kids who played Ray Romano's twins not available?

-Congrats to Elizabeth Wertenberger, our new Miss Michigan. Elizabeth was a Kendall student and is from Monroe...and all the guys here in the office are drooling over her picture as I write this. Too skinny for me...but that's just me.

-Two things I hate on Facebook...1. People who ALWAYS bemoan how it's Monday...I'm pretty sure if I were with any of you in real life, I'd set your teeth on fire. 2. People who post something, get 37 responses, and respond to NONE of them.
Of course I can't actually post this rant ON Facebook, or I'd get 17 people pissing and moaning about MY pissing and moaning and they'd unfriend me, blah blah blah.

-And finally had a good Father's Day. Kids are Up North, I did nothing most of the day, the White Sox won and my favorite episode of M*A*S*H was on (Adam's Ribs)...over all it was a good day.