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Michigan Gamers Need to Check Out this Subreddit!
If you play video games, board games, card games, or pretty much any type of game, you need to check out the brand new Michigan Gamers Subreddit!  From my personal experience, the more nerdy the game you play, the harder it is to find people to play with you...
What Kind of Pie Do You Eat on on Pi Day?
It's March 14th ... aka 3.14 ... or pi day. It's a day my math teaching friend loves to celebrate by eating pie. Now when I think of pie I think apple, blueberry, or maybe lemon cream.
Matt? He thinks pizza pie. Who is right? You decide.
Allegan Mother of Four Missing
Police are asking the public for help finding 47-year-old Amy Harker of Allegan.
According to WWMT-3, the mother of four has been missing for at least three days.
‘The Simpsons’ Jab the Lions in Latest Episode [VIDEO]
If you're a Detroit Lions fan, you're used to the jokes. Yeah, yeah, we're aware we've never played in a Super Bowl.
Somehow though, we keep the faith. It's just what Lions' fans do... even when TV shows like 'The Simpsons' take a shot at our Detroit Lions…
Grand Rapids the 56th Happiest Large American City to Live In
Next Monday, March 20, is International Day of Happiness. So, in honor of that auspicious day, I thought it would be fun to see how we, Grand Rapids and the Greater Grand Rapids area, stacked up to other large metropolitan areas in the "happiness quotient." Well, I didn't have…
5 Awesome Summer Jobs in West Michigan
Summer is a great time of the year to enjoy West Michigan. The problem is sometimes work gets in the way of summer fun. Here are some summer job opportunities which can help you enjoy more of summer in West Michigan.

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