I enjoy blogging about funny & bizarre things. Sometimes nutty people who go out of their way to blow-up cats, or Good Time Charlie's latest shenanigans. But this story I found on AOL News and it was so disturbing that I had to share it.  If you think I may possibly be using a headline like this to grab your attention just to read my blog, YOU'RE WRONG! (Caution: This story is EXTREMELY disturbing)

I mean, really!  How low can one go as a parent or even a human being living in a civilized society?  And NEITHER parent had the decency to know that an act like this was WAY wrong?  A Georgia couple and the salesman were all arrested after the parents struck up a deal for the second hand minivan by having their 14 year old daughter engage in sex with the man to avoid making the monthly payments.

37 yr. old Sandra Davis, husband, 39 yr. old James Davis along with used-car salesman Robert Bearden, 67 were all charged with child molestation.  Sandra Davis received eight years in prison after she told the court she did not physically abuse her daughter, but she did admit to encouraging her to trade sex for the 1998 minivan payments.  Husband and a sorry excuse for a father James Davis and used-car salesman Robert Bearden were both sentenced to 10 years in the clink and 10 years probation on child molestation charges.

"It makes me personally sick to my stomach," Dodge County sheriff's Capt.  Tony Winborn said after the arrests were made.

The judge also barred the couple from having any contact with the victim for 20 years.

This story left me sick to MY stomach and speechless.  Sorry to blog about such a "downer" story, but it's one of those stories that is just so screwed up, Hollywood couldn't even come up with something as sick and twisted as this.  When they say, "reality is stranger than fiction".  THIS IS PROOF!

I would like to thank my friend Joanne for tipping me off to this story by posting it on facebook.