The last we'd heard of Petoskey Batman (Harbor Springs man, Mark Wayne Williams), he was auctioning off his Batman suit to cover the legal fees he acquired after his arrest for scaling a building in downtown Petoskey. Apparently the Ebay route isn't working out for him. That, or the lure or crime fighting is just too strong,  because Petoskey Batman has been busted again. State troopers arrested the 33-year-old Saturday night after he refused to leave a crime scene.  He was wearing the Batman suit, of course.

Police in Petoskey were searching for a driver who'd fled the scene of an accident when Batman swooped in, offering his crime fighting services.

"He wouldn't clear the scene, and we had a canine out there and he kept screwing up the scent," State Police Sgt. Jeff Gorno told the Petoskey News-Review. "He said he wanted to help us look for the driver."

"We didn't want the dog to track Batman instead of the accident scene, and he was getting in the way of officers who had a job to do," the sergeant said.

So they arrested Petoskey Batman. They charged him with resisting and obstructing police in an investigation, and confiscated the suit (too bad if you were looking to get in on that Ebay auction).

But iron bars aren't enough to hold Batman. He posted bond and was released from county jail.  He's  due back in court Oct. 18.

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Petoskey Batman's last status update from September 12th gives us some insight into the caped crusader's state of mind, prior to his arrest:

Sometimes i wished i didnt care about people so much or that i lived in a bigger city so i could concentrate on criminal activity. Trying to help people on a personal level can be rewarding but it can also rip your heart out. Especially when it turns out that the person your trying to help is also the person your trying to save them from and there is nothing you can do. I feel so empty and torn up inside that Its allmost makes me want to give up....

But give up, he did not. Perhaps in part, due to support from his "partner". Yes, it seems Petoskey Batman has a lady friend.


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