You never know what can inspire a legend. That’s what the parents and kids at Miami Country Day School found out late last week when they assembled for the middle school spring concert.

According to “Rolling Stone,” Phil Collins strode onstage and after admitting to being really nervous performed "In The Air Tonight" for the first time in nine years. He also sang Genesis' "Land Of Confusion" with the band.


The former Genesis frontman has been semi-retired from performing after a spinal surgery though he had recently confirmed he’d been doing some work with Adele (no word if it’s for her album, or his). Still, considering it’s been 12 years since “Testify,” his last album of original material, and his last major live performance was in 2010, promoting his Motown covers album, “Going Back,” a surprise performance like this has to be a step in the right direction for fans who have been itching for his return.