Friday I was having one of those days. I was busy, and all my friends on Facebook were annoying me. No, actually they were pissing me off. I just wasn't in the mood to hear about what fun summer day off trips and relaxation they were all enjoying while I was stuck inside. So--horrors--I signed off Facebook. I know, what was I thinking? ;)

So after awhile I decided to log back on. And in doing so, one of the first posts was from my buddy Ron Brand. Ron and I used to work together in Kalamazoo, and he's from the Grand Rapids area. Anyway, Ron had just become friends with...Phil Shifley. You know who Phil Shifley is, he's the guy in the Directv ads who has to vanish after he sees toughs dumping a body in a trunk while waiting for the cable guy to show. He then has to disguise himself and attend his own funeral as a guy got it, Phil Shifley! Classic

Here's the ad...

Much like how the West Michigan Black Bear had a twitter account, or the Bronx Zoo snake, or Angelina Jolie's Leg, now Phil is on Facebook. Made me laugh. Out Loud. It's what social media is really supposed to do. Make me laugh. Not piss me off. Thank you Ron, and Thank you Phil Shifley.