Here’s your chance to go retro in a big way.

The John Hughes classic “Pretty in Pink” is celebrating its 30thanniversary with a gift for you. The flick will be in theaters on Valentine's Day to celebrate its 30th anniversary. 

The return will include special bonus features like behind-the-scenes footage and the stars talking about the alternate ending.

The film, which features one of the 30 Greatest Rock and Roll Moments in Movies and nails the drama of teen romance perfectly, was first released on  February 28th, 1986.

“Pretty in Pink” stars Molly Ringwald and Andrew McCarthy, part of the era's Brat Pack, and the years later star of “Two and a Half Men”Jon Cryer.  Tickets for the February 14th and 17th showings are on sale now.

The original version of the film had Andie (Ringwald) hook up with Ducky (Cryer), but test audiences disapproved, so a new ending was filmed where Andie gets together with Blaine (McCarthey), her original crush. That's some crazy stuff because we all know Ducky and Andie were soul mates.

How cool would it be to see an update, to find out where all the characters wound up. Blane and Andie would be fifty by now, and their kids wold be out of the house already.

And Ducky would be probably out on the road with his Otis Redding tribute band, doing 'Try A Little Tenderness'.

And that soundtrack!

'If You Leave', 'Pretty In Pink', and my favorite, 'Wouldn't It Be Good' by Nik Kershaw: