Here's an update to the story from over the weekend of the couple with the 350 dogs in their house. The Allegan County Sheriffs Department released a statement saying George and Cheri Burke of Cheshire Township were arraigned Wednesday afternoon on felony animal cruelty charges following Monday's seizure of 352 small dogs from the couple's Cheshire Township home by Animal Control Officers with the Allegan County Sheriff's Office. They posted the $5,000 bond and were released. That's an interesting part of the story, here's another. Look at these people.

The wife doesn't look too thrilled, and the husband looks like a psycho killer ready to eat someone. When I saw this picture, the first thing I thought was "OK They are crazy people, and here's the proof." I try not to judge people by their outward appearance, but man! It's really hard to not think "CRAZY PEOPLE" after looking at this picture!

I hope all the doggies get rescued to good homes and these two are forced into house arrest, with no cleaning of their home after having 352 dogs living there. I'm sure it doesn't smell too well in there now!