From time to time, I see things on TV and I ask myself: "Self, what is up with that?"

Today is one of those days.

Why did NBC try the live musical thing again with "Peter Pan Live!" on Thursday night?

The Peter Pan TV Special got horrible ratings. The NFL game on the NFL Network was the 3rd highest rated ever, with an 8.0 share. The Peter Pan "live event" attracted 9 million viewers and a 5.9 share. Just proves that a half in the bag Christopher Walken can't compete with a half in the bag Jay Cutler.

Why dis CBS run one more terrible season of "Two and a Half Men"? The show is about 30 years past its prime. It used to be edgy and snarky funny. Now it's just sad. Jake, Judith, Charlie, Rose and all of Charlie's Bimbo's are gone. Replaced with Charlie's illegitimate lesbian daughter, Steve Jobs, a little weird kid, and not a single hot girl for any of them. Should have ended it when Charlie Sheen was killed off.

Who in his right mind keeps giving Larry the Cable Guy jobs?. This is the equivalent of giving Jim Varney and "Ernest" jobs 10 years after Varney died. Larry is in a sequel--believe it or not--of "Jingle All The Way". You can't make this up.

Finally, I wonder when Derek Francis starts on Fox 17? He's a good guy.