What will I have for lunch today?

I'm happy the Whitecaps are starting to win. How did they lose 34 in a row and now have won 15? Ok those numbers might be off a bit, but what happened? Did they all of a sudden start playing the "Suck" division? Were they playing the "Ultra Champion Division"?

AND it's Fat Tuesday tonight at 5th 3rd...hmmmm I know what I MIGHT be having for dinner. If you didn't know, Fat Tuesday is where for 17 dollars, you get a ticket to the game, and all-you-can-eat hot dogs, pop (I took the soda/pop quiz on Facebook...I say Pop) fries, and chips and cheese. Even if you only have 2 dogs and an order of fries and a pop or 2, its already paid for itself and then some...plus it's supposed to be 71 at game time...can't argue with that...

Alicia Silverstone and her husband Christopher Jarecki (who?) named their newly born child...Bear Blu Jarecki. What? BEAR? They named their kid Bear? What is this, the kids TV show Franklin?

Maybe Wendy's? For lunch? I have one of those little key tabs so I get a free Jr. Frosty. And it's really Jr. Like 4 ounces. But it's free. Can't argue with free. And if it's good enough for actress Eva Longoria, well then it's good enough for me.

Arnold and Maria are splitting up....hmmm. Didn't see that coming. Have to be honest, didn't really think much about it at all, let alone looking for it. I'm sure it will be hard on Arnold's pecs...if he has them anymore.

I think I'm just gonna have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch. Hope Mark Roberts doesn't mind if I borrow his.