The powers that created the smart phone sensation "Angry Birds" are not standing still. No sirree bob! There's money to be made! :) On March 22, the new "Angry Birds Space" will be released! Whoo Hoo! If you are one of the millions who are addicted to those little goofy birds, here's a new outlet for cravings! The game has partnered with NASA to add something...realism maybe? Glad to know NASA has this kind of time on it's hands.

I'm not into it at all. Never played, but now that there's a game for Facebook I could. Meh. Maybe I will. I have to say I see those really oversized Angry Birds Hats they have at Walmart,. Those ALONE have kept me from playing!

Here's the full details from the Chicago Tribune "New Angry Birds game blasts off March 22, will team with NASA"