"Red Rubber Ball" is a pop song that became a hit (going to #2 in the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 and hitting #1 in Canadian RPM 100 national singles chart) in the 1966 version recorded by The Cyrkle.The song is sung from the perspective of a man who has recently exited an unfulfilling relationship in which his significant other never gave him much attention or affection. He now looks forward to the future with a positive attitude.It was co-written by Paul Simon (of Simon and Garfunkel) and Bruce Woodley (of The Seekers).According to Cyrkle guitarist Tom Dawes, Simon offered it to The Cyrkle when they were opening for Simon and Garfunkel on tour.The song's tracks were recorded in stereo, with the bass, lead guitar, and percussion on the right track, acoustic guitar and electric organ on left, and the vocals on both.