This past week we lost 2 local legends, and someone you might not have heard of. As you probably know, Fred Meijer passed away over the weekend. He led the Meijer store chain into the national spotlight with grocery and department stores combined into a "Thrifty Acre" of savings.
Also Cindy Van Andel passed away over the weekend, wife of Steve Van Andel.

Another person passed away this past week, but you might have ever heard of him. But you have heard of what he invented. Jeno F. Paulucci died last week. He was 91. Yes his name was Jeno. As in Jeno's Pizza Rolls. And he also founded the Michelina's Inc. food company, and the Chun King line of Chinese frozen food.

Three important people in the business world-two in West Michigan- have passed. Rest in peace!