One didn't have to look far to find out about Robin Williams' death Monday night.

I found out about it as I got home, when I got an email about Williams dying -- with a story posted on WFGR's website.

I immediately thought: "God, he must have had a heart attack or something."

Then I turned on the TV. Sue me, I'm not 17. I still get quite a bit of information from TV. It turns on quicker than the Internet.

So, I turned it to the three news channels.

CNN was interviewing Larry King. Good, I don''t feel nearly as old now.

HLN, which used to be called Headline News, was talking to Dr. Drew. Did Williams die having sex?

And then Fox. Ahh, Fox. Now I get the real story. "Death was ruled a suicide by asphyxiation." Stay classy Fox.

So, he committed suicide.

OK, now that's something we didn't necessarily see coming.

I'm not going to into the whole "suicide and what it entails."

Twitter messages. Take that statement for what it's worth.

It's true. My issues seem like ants and I'm on the top floor of the Amway Grand Plaza compared to someone who feels there only way to solve their demons is to end heir life.

RIP Mork.