"Saturday Night Special" is a hard rock song by Lynyrd Skynyrd. It is the opening track on their album Nuthin' Fancy. The song addresses the issue of gun control. Its lyrics refer to the cheap handguns popularly associated with the term "Saturday Night Special", and associates them with impulsive violence; the following examples being given: a man being shot by a home intruder, a gambler shooting his gambling partners during a losing night, and accidentally shooting oneself while intoxicated. Notably, it argues that they "[a]in't good for nothin' / 'Cept for puttin' a man six feet in a hole.""Saturday Night Special" is on the soundtrack of the 1978 movie Blue Collar, starring Richard Pryor, Yaphet Kotto and Harvey Keitel.

#27 on the charts back in 1975, how about today?