It's the Duct (or Duck) Tape Bus Tour! Bet you didn't even know there WAS a Duck Tape Bus Tour. But there is! The tour celebrates 70 years of Duck Tape, and It's pulling into town this weekend!

The Duck Tape Brand Bus Tour hits local Meijer stores this weekend! You can hang out with Duck E. Trust (The Duck Tape mascot) At the Plainfield Meijer on Saturday from 11a-5pm, Then on Sunday at the Caledonia Meijer from Noon to Six, and then on Monday at the Clyde Park Meijer from Noon to Six as well.

While the Duck Tape Bus is in town, you can get all kinds of DIY projects for using Duck Tape, as well as watch videos on Duck Tape history and more. Here's a Duck Take quickie--How to make a Duck Tape Wallet!