This whole week Neil Patrick Harris is sitting in for Regis on Live with Kelly Lee--oh wait. Reege is off starting a family variety show (good luck with THAT!) Last week, Reege's first out of the chair since October, Jerry Seinfeld was Kel's co-host. And it was bad. I mean BAD!

I like Jerry Seinfeld. I still watch Seinfeld on a pretty regular basis. The show was brilliant, and when he was on it, the "character" he played was perfect. Jerry in real life now days, 15 years after the show's heyday, is dull. And kind of a jerk. Way more than he was on the show.

If Jerry is going to be the actual host (which reports say he has no interest...thank you!) i will have to start watching Maury at 9 o'clock.
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