It was two years ago that Michigan's Smoking Ban went into effect. Smoking in bars and restaurants have become a thing of the past. The only place you can still smoke is in a casino. As a non smoker, I like being able to go into a B-Dubs or Applebees and not smell the smoke wafting through the place. Others hate having to step outside on a cold January night to smoke while tossing back a few cold ones. It's still a hot topic online and in bars all over the state.

An article in the Press from this morning talks about how the state is losing tax revenues from certain establishments that don't allow smoking anymore, but gaining taxes from places that have benefited from the ban. Read more here "Should Michigan compromise on its smoking ban in bars? 2 years later, businesses say it hurts their bottom line"
Note that there are 200 comments on this story alone. This is still a big deal.

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