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James Taylor Coming To Van Andel In June [Video]
James Taylor turns 70 years old in March, but he's showing no signs of slowing down. The singer-songwriter has just announced a new tour with blues legend Bonnie Raitt that will hit Van Andel Arena June 25.
DC Wants Michigan To Shut Up About Bad Weather
A Washington Post columnist would like all of the Northern states, including Michigan, to shut up about our bad weather expertise.

To which I say, 'Fine, but remember, we were only trying to help'
What If Grand Rapids Icons Were Coachella Band Names?
I love two things about the annual music festival at Coachella, the poster that promotes it, and the weird band names in the fine print.

So I made up some band names from everyday things and events in the past year in West Michigan and turned them into a Coachella poster.
5 Ways The Cold Weather Is A Good Thing
While we bitch and moan about how many layers we have to put on just to go outside and shovel lake effect snow, the cold weather we're experiencing actually has some positive side effects. Here are five.
Bad Drivers Of Grand Rapids, Volume 4 [Video]
Mr. Roadside 616 was released another video of bad driving around Grand Rapids.

Once again, I didn't see myself driving badly around GR, but maybe you're on this one. Better hope not.
Think It's Cold Now? Just Wait
West Michigan's Arctic Freeze continues this week, but clouds have kept the temperatures from really diving. That's about to change.
Broadcasting Legend Dick Enberg Passes Away At 82 [Video]
Dick Enberg grew up in Armada, Michigan, went to Central Michigan University and always spoke highly of his home state. He passed away due to a heart attack Thursday after a wonderful life full of being one of the best sports announcers of all time.
Michigan Drivers Among The Best In The Nation!
It may be hard to believe when you're cussing at a grandmother to coax her out of the passing lane on 131, but Michigan drivers fared very well in a recent nationwide survey.
Michigan Sports Legends Patch Up Decades Long Feud [Video]
In 1992, MSU basketball legend Magic Johnson kept Detroit Piston great Isaiah Thomas off the 1992 Olympic Dream Team by implying that no one in the NBA liked him. Thomas took it personally (as would I) and didn't talk to Magic again.