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Who's Built Better For The NCAA Tournament: U of M or MSU?
March Madness is set to tip off this week, and both Michigan and Michigan State are three seeds. One was the regular season champion, the other was the tournament champion of the Big Ten.
So who's is built for the longer tournament run?
Am I The First To Complete This Grand Rapids Double?
Sunday night, March 11, I will perform a stand up set as part of a local comedian showcase at LaughFest, which will complete a goal I had when I first moved here four years ago.
The question is, has anyone else ever done this?
Five Things We Can Use To Fill Grand Rapids Potholes
Driving down certain streets in Grand Rapids is more challenging than negotiating a Winter Olympics slalom course. (I'm looking at you, Diamond Avenue!)
But there are some things here in Beer City we can use to plug those ugly potholes right now.
Laugh While You Give Blood Today
Blood supplies are low in West Michigan, but if you give blood today, you'll get some entertainment on the side. Yup, you'll be able to laugh while giving blood.

How cool is that?
If 2013 Was A 100-Year Flood, What Was This? [Video]
They called it a 100-year flood. In April 2013, the Grand River crested at 21.8 feet, which was a 100-year high.
So what do you call it when the second highest flood in history comes less than five years later?
Billy Graham Began His Preaching Career in Grand Rapids [Video]
The famed evangelist Billy Graham passed away yesterday. He was 99 years old.
Billy was well know for his fiery passion from the pulpit, but long before Billy Graham became a religious icon around the world, he delivered a sermon that inspired young people in Grand Rapids in 1947. We found a copy of…