What Happens If Michigan Forces A Four Way Tie In The Big Ten East?
This college football season continues to get weirder and weirder, but consider this: If Michigan can escape from Camp Randall with a win over Wisconsin Saturday, they have a chance to send the Big Ten East into a four way tie.

So what's the tie breaker? Well, it's complicated.
Michigan Woman Starts New Trend: Astrofrecks
A tattoo artist in Ypsilanti is tattooing star signs in her clients’ freckles. Jessica Knapik is taking the whole freckle trend to a whole new level by inking constellations on the face, which she calls Astrofrecks.
The Edmund Fitzgerald Lyric That Had To Be Changed [Video]
If you're from Michigan, you know the opening line from Gordon Lightfoot's epic saga of the Edmund Fitzgerald by heart...'The legend lives on from the Chippewa on down...'

Friday marks the 42nd Anniversary of the last major shipwreck in the Great Lakes, and the 41st anniversary …