What's going on?

Is This Really Michigan's BEST Slang Word?
The internet needs to stop it already. If you're not from here, or aren't going to take the time to come here, don't tell US what our best slang word is, because it's not this.
Are The Potholes Worse This Year?
Is it just me, or are the potholes around the area a lot deeper, wider and more plentiful this year than they have been in a while?
And The Most Fun Bar In Michigan Is....
Here's Michigan's 'Most Fun' Bar according to the web site Thrillist....Now we need your take: where's the most fun bar in the state in your opinion?
Super Hero Nick Foles' Michigan State Connection
Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles is the latest Super Bowl hero, and Michigan State has a connection to him, but it's kind of sketchy, and so it's probably best to just let it go. But I can't...