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Every State Has An Epic Adventure -- Here's Michigan's
With summer creeping in, Men’s Journal just put out a list of the best epic adventure each state has to offer.
Here's what Michigan has to offer, according to them, and a chance to tell us what epic Michigan adventure you've been on!
Warm Weather Threatens Grand Rapids
West Michigan residents, long accustomed to cold, snowy spring weather will have their joy interrupted Thursday when it gets warm. How warm? Well, get those cargo shorts and Crocs ready!!
CMU Student Saves Squirrel With CPR [Video]
They say watching too much TV can be a bad thing. Not for Natalie Belsito, a CMU student who recently saved a squirrel's life thanks to an episode of 'The Office'.
TBS Rubs Salt In This Michigan Fan's Wounds
It was bad enough that Villanova took Michigan out behind the woodshed and beat the snot out of us on national TV, but did TBS have to flash a graphic to make us feel even worse about ourselves?
M's Mo Wagner Apologizes For His Leap Over The TV Announcers[Vide
Michigan's Mo Wagner had a career game against Loyola Saturday, throwing down 24 points and grabbing 15 rebounds, but in his quest of a loose ball, he did his most damage, wrecking TV announcer Bill Raferty's glasses. And creating a meme in the process. Or is that a Mimi?
Tigers Rained Out On Opening Day
Rainy weather has forced the Detroit Tigers to move their home opener to Friday, where the sun will make a guest appearance.
But don't let that stop you from doing some serious day drinking.