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Michigan's Biggest Fear Is...
Using Google Analytics, a web site has determined what Michigan has the biggest fear of, and while I wanted it to be "afraid to drive on our crappy roads", it is something that doesn't surprise me.
Michigan Survives 'Penalty From Mars' [Video]
If you watched Michigan rally and squeak out a 20-17 win over northwestern Saturday, you may have witnessed one of the most bizarre penalty calls in college football history. Seriously. WTF.
End Of US 131 Chase Caught On Video
Last Thursday, US 131 was closed for hours following an incident where the GRPD had engaged in a chase involving a suspect in a homicide. It did not end well for the suspect.
Play ArtPrize 10 Bingo!
Just print out the game board inside and check off the things you see at ArtPrize 10. There is no prize, just loads of smarmy, judgmental fun for the whole family!
Kentwood Is The Country's Hottest Selling Real Estate Zip Code
What are the hottest real estate areas this year? Well, Realtor.com just released their annual list of "America’s Hottest Zip Codes," basing their determination on how quickly properties sell, as well as how frequently homes are viewed in each area.
And the Grand Rapids area…
Lions Fans Unsure Of How To Handle Success
The Detroit Lions stunned the defending Super Bowl runner-up New England Patriots Sunday night, once again leaving die hard fans confused on social media about how to handle it.
Jojo Goes Chasing Waterfalls [Photos]
In spite of the warnings issued in the '90s by TLC, chasing waterfalls isn't a bad thing. It's where I go every other year or so when I need to get away. Far away.
Jets: We Knew What Lions Were Going To Do
As a Detroit Lions fan, I have low expectations, but when the other team says the Lions are about to difficult to read as a stop sign, there's pause for concern.