So I wandered around Downtown a bit yesterday during Artprize. Most people posting on the internets during the world's biggest art competition have pictures of art, or pictures of themselves along with the art, or pictures of themselves with the art drunk. Me, on the other hand, offer these pictures.

To start with, The circus is in town. And what goes best with the circus? Protesters! Remember this when you are deciding who or what to vote for this year-we have the freedom to vote, and the freedom to congregate to protest things we feel are unjust. Plenty of people in the world don't have these freedoms. Jus Sayin.

Also, an Artprize project getting little coverage are the "HeartPrize" pictures along the fence outside the B.O.B. (Remember the B.O.B? Where all the fire and brimstone is...) The American Heart Association sponsors this kids' project and attaches the pictures for all to see. Here are a couple of them. And then go see it for yourself.