Technology has taken over our lives. Today is the 29th anniversary of the first text message sent to a cell phone. We now send about 4 billion text messages every day in the US. That's over 140 billion texts every year. This morning, when I sat down to eat a bowl of Lucky Charms, what was the ad I saw on Yahoo...of course, it was for Lucky Charms. They even know what cereal I'm eating before I even eat it!

Now technology has taken over Christmas. If you are a parent you already knew this. Now Nielsen is reporting almost 50 percent of kids want an IPad in the next 6 months. The blog "IPodnn" reports "Nielsen: iPad dominates kids', teens' holiday demands"
"21 percent of those 13 and older want the device. The iPad mini is fourth place amongst the 6-12 group at 36 percent, and ninth place in the 13+ demographic, coming in at 11 percent. Beyond the iPad and iPad mini, other top-placing products in the 6-12 category include the Nintendo Wii U (39 percent), the iPod touch (36 percent), and the iPhone (33 percent). For the older cohort that changes to a computer (19 percent), a non-Apple tablet (18 percent), the Wii U (17 percent), and the iPhone (14 percent)."

Gee, I'm guessing MY kids were in this survey. :) Oh well, I don't need to eat next year...Happy Holidays! On the other hand, you could win some great Christmas presents and gift cards at our VIP club at Sign up and win today!