Yes, I woke up, had my coffee, got dressed, grabbed my laptop case and headed to work.  On the way, I was shot at.  On the lighter side, my fellow DJ’s told me, “Now you can’t say that you have nothing to blog about”.  NO KIDDING!  On my way to work this morning, my truck window was shot out.  The .22 cal. bullet hit my rear driver’s side window, just behind my head.  Apparently, I am not the only one that was shot at this morning.

After spending some time with the police, I found that I am the third vehicle shot at this morning.  As I was told to make sure my postings here on our website over the weekend were “Relevant and Local”, well… I don’t think it gets any more relevant, local and closer to home (sort to speak) than this.

Authorities want to know who is shooting at vehicles with people in them.  Police are asking for anyone with information to call (616) 530.7300 or Silent Observer.