Sometimes, if you can't be at the big game, watching it with others at a sports bar is the next best thing. Being around other fans in a loud environment with beer and food is much better than sitting at home on the couch.

So sports bars have an important responsibility to provide everything the sports fan needs.

Here are the nine things that a successful sports bar needs to have:

9. Cute waitresses

8. Bar games, like pool and darts

7. Bulk alcohol, such as pitchers of beer, buckets of beer bottles or fish bowls of some sort of mixed drink

6. The right fans. These are guys wearing jerseys, and even some fans of the opposing team

5. Good sound system. Fans need to be able to hear the game

4. The right number of TVs -- a few large screens are better than lots of small screens

3. Good bar food

2. Comfortable seating

1. A big crowd, but not too crowded