"Stranger in My House" is a hit song from 1983. The song tells of a man who suspects his wife is fantasizing about being with a secret lover.

His 35th single to be released and the first song from the album Keyed Up, the song immediately became a major hit as it peaked at No. 5 on the country charts, and at No. 8 on the Adult Contemporary. The song also went as high as No. 23 on the Billboard Hot 100 pop charts.


The song features a rock guitar solo from Bruce Dees. Some stations edited this solo out of the song, and a station in Denver, Colorado refused to play the song, because personnel at the station thought that the song sounded like a Led Zeppelin song. The airplay lost from the Denver station kept the song from going to number one.

A black-and-white music video for the single, directed by David Hogan, was also released. During the beginning of the video, a man is shown literally breaking into the narrator's house as the blind singer plays his piano. During the climax, it shows his wife's imaginary lover playing an electric guitar as she performs an erotic dance to the solo. In the end, it shows investigators searching the house. White tape is laid down in the shape of an electric guitar.

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