The 2014 Summer Craft Beer Festivalis less than 24 hours away!

Matt from Gravel Bottom Brewery in Ada gave me a full tour and let me sample the beer that will be on tap tomorrow at John Ball Park from 2-7 p.m.

Gravel Bottom's name comes from a popular swimming hole in the Ada area.

I first met Matt at the 2014 National Homebrewers Conference in Grand Rapids in June, and from the moment I sampled the Front Porch Guava IPA I knew Gravel Bottom was the place for me!

Lauren B/98.7 WFGR

What's really great about Gravel Bottom is that they totally support the homebrewer.

Located inside Gravel Bottom's brewery is a homebrew supply shop with different malts, hops and equipment and Gravel Bottom always features local homebrews on tap.

That's right!

You can go into Gravel  Bottom with your own recipe and they'll help you tweak it and they may even feature it on tap.

That's how the delicious Front Porch Guava IPA came to be! It was originally brewed by Cody Dalton.

Another favorite collaboration was their S'mores homebrew.

Seriously- it tasted exactly like s'mores!

Come check out Gravel Bottom tomorrow at John Ball Park from 2 p.m.-7 p.m.