Yesterday the folks from the Traveler Beer Co. stopped by to give some of us ladies here at the station a sneak peek of what they'll be bringing to the Summer Craft Beer Festival tomorrow, July 19 at John Ball Park.

I'd only recently heard of Traveler Beer Co. who are coming straight from Burlington, Vermont.

Traveler's focus is on shandies. Now, the only shandies I've ever heard of are from Leinenkugel's.

So, what exactly is a shandy?

Apparently it's beer mixed with lemonade- which seems like something I can get behind!

Traveler Beer Co.'s beers aren't technically shandies as there's no lemonade involved, instead it's an American Wheat Ale brewed with real fruit.

For reference, Bell's Oberon is an American Wheat Ale.

Honestly, the real fruit makes all the difference!

If you're a fan of Perrin's Grapefruit IPA- which I am, Traveler Beer Co.'s "Illusive Traveler" Shandy is even better!

As you can see, Traveler brought a lot of Shandys for us to sample. They even brought moustaches!

Lauren B/98.7 WFGR