Like I have always said, if you look into the Internet's eyes long enough, you can find a "national" holiday every day of the year.

July 13 -- today -- is no exception. It's National French Fry Day!

Who knew the French fry HAD a day?

It's also the 20th anniversary of Red Robin and their "bottomless steak fry" feature on their menu. A feature I have enjoyed quite a few times in the past. Yummmmm!

To celebrate the day, the Red Robin people commissioned a durvey about our love affair with the french fry. They found:

An impressive one-third of Americans (33 percent) would not sacrifice the coveted last fry to any celebrity! For those who were willing to part with their last fry, almost one quarter (23 percent) were willing to hand over the last fry to Ellen DeGeneres, while just over one in five (22 percent) would sacrifice it to President Obama.


Get 'em while they're hot … over two in five (42 percent) Americans agree: the fries are the first item they reach for when the server hands them their meal that includes fries, taken priority over the beverage (20 percent) and entree (19 percent)

Fry Fashion -- When it comes to the fry Americans prefer most, it's a tie between curly fries and steak fries at 21 percent each

Keep it crispy -- An overwhelming majority (81 percent) of Americans would rather have their fries crispy instead of soggy (11 percent)

The finicky fry eater -- Women are pickier than men when it comes to their fries: 37 percent of American women admit to digging through the basket to find the "perfect fry" versus only 25 percent of American men"

I like em kinda soggy and with ketchup. And for the record, I would give my fries to President Obama, but not to George Clooney!

Happy National French Fry day!

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