I'm no dancer. I can do Chandler's "cool guy" dance from Friends, but that's about it. So when I saw the stories on Facebook about police and trouble at Rosa Parks Circle Tuesday night, I was curious. Then I found this story on Channel 13's website.

"Grand Rapids Original Swing Society moving from Rosa Parks Circle" is a story on the WZZM website. The story tells why the Tuesday night tradition will be changing.

"Grand Rapids Original Swing Society draws hundreds of people to Rosa Parks Circle each Tuesday for music and dance lessons. But with the large crowds comes the need for security, which proved to be too costly.

Swing Society founder Steve Zaagman, a WZZM 13 employee, announced Tuesday evening the event will be moved from Rosa Parks Circle to a yet-to-be-determined indoor location. In recent months, several minor fights have broken out with groups of onlookers not participating in the event. Grand Rapids Police stepped up patrols in the area and Zaagman also hired private security."

And with the trouble that was supposedly at RPC on Tuesday, the move is probably overdue. Too bad.