Top 10 Reasons For Holiday Fights
'Tis the season for us to let the holidays stress us out, and is one of the reasons I'm always glad the holidays finally end! Do you get stressed out at the holidays. How many of these have you been a part of?
Top 10 Best and Worst Jobs
Best and Worst Jobs in 2011
The CareerCast 2011 jobs report found software engineers have the greatest job in 2011. I don't know, most of those jobs... at least to me, look painful! What the heck Does a Historial do? Notice no mention of Radio DJ!
Top 10 Things Guys Wear that Women Hate

According to a new survey, here's a rundown of the Top 10 things men wear -- that women hate:
Socks with sandals
Anything Ed Hardy or Affliction
Skinny jeans
Oversized clothing
Wife beaters
Square-toed shoes
Board shorts as real shorts
Sports team jerseys
Sport socks with dres…
Top 10 Lies Men Tell Women
It's no secret that men lie to women. So what are the main things that men lie to women about? This list is actually pretty funny, and  I think mostly true!
Here are the Top 10 according frisky.com:
Top 10 Things to Do While Drunk
Drinking too much usually results in something ad, but there is some good that can come out of it.
Think about it, there are some things we actually do better when we're a little hammered.
Top 10 TV Ladies
In case you didn't know, March is Women's History Month. It's the time to celebrate the contributions women have made to society ... and the small screen.
Keep this in mind as you attempt to keep all of your online accounts private -- hackers can create automatic login-attempt scripts to break into your account, and they start with the most obvious passwords. ZoneAlarm did a study and found the 20 most common -- here they are:
Detroit Made a Good List!
Wow - Detroit made a GOOD top ten list!
The movie rental company "Redbox" came up with a list of the ten "most romantic" cities in the nation based on the per capita ratio of romantic comedies rented from Redbox locations in 2010.