More Free Stuff On Tuesday! Free Lemonade!
Why is Tuesday August 20 free stuff day? I dont know...but i'm not questioning it! First due to the heat and the ozone it's free ride day on the Rapid. Next it's free Snapple Lemon Daze at 7-11 all day Tuesday for National Lemonade Day!
Today Is 7/11… You Know What That Means!
Today is July 11th. Other than it means July is almost half over and Summer is almost half over, It also means it's 7/11 day! The international chain of convenience stores, which turns 86 years old this year, celebrates 7/11 day every year with free Slurpies!
7/11 Is Free Slurpee Day In West Michigan!
And all over the country too! It's 7/11/12, or better known as 7-11's birthday! The store, which was named for the hours it originally was open (7am to 11pm) gives away FREE Slurpees on July 11 every year. Except in Australia. Free Slurpee Day is on November 7th there, since in other countries, date…
Two For The Price Of One! Google And Free Slurpee Day!
Today is both Robert Moog's birthday AND free Slurpee day at 7-11! If you didn't know, Robert Moog invented the electric organ that bares his name. If you go to Google, the "Google" logo has been replaced with a working electric organ that you can play AND record on...it&…