Indy 500 Opening with West Michigan Connection
The beginning of the Indy 500 is always exciting: "Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines!"
This year, the ending was, too; the second-closest finish in the race's history.
I'm not a huge race fan, but I love the history of sport. And this is ABC's 50th year of cov…
ABC Releases Fall 2014 Schedule [Videos]
It's ABC's turn at the Upfronts to premiere its newest offerings, and while earlier today we caught the full schedule for Fall 2014, the network has now premiered first looks at all trailers for its newest programming. Get a first look at Karen Gillan's 'My Fair Lady'-esque 'Selfie,' John Ridley's '…
ABC Announces Fall 2014 Schedule [Video]
ABC has become the next in line to divulge their fall 2014 schedules in advance of the Upfront presentation this week, and while the list leaves off any major surprises, Marvel fans would do well to learn that new series 'Agent Carter' will indeed serve as a smaller series bridge between t…
‘The Wonder Years’ Coming to DVD
Though ABC classic 'The Wonder Years' has been available to stream on Netflix in recent years, fans of the Fred Savage coming-of-age tale have no doubt noticed something amiss about the reproduction, specifically music replacements of the more iconic tracks included in the show. The series' prolific…
WFGR Retrovision Part 1-The Goldbergs
Foe this WFGR Retrovision, we go back in the 80's! Much like the "I Love the 80's" weekend this weekend on WFGR, Here's a show that goes back. To the 80's.
ABC debut's their new show "The Goldbergs" in 3 weeks.

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