Al Green Plays Grand Rapids – But a Very Short Show

Grand Rapids Own Al Green played at the Fred Meijer Gardens last night. It would be a homecoming of sorts for Mr Green - who left here in the mid 1960's.
The reviews are in - the show was great, but started late, and Mr. Green barely played for an hour before leaving the stage. Citing the Weather (Wh…
Conan the Librarian!
Well, seeing as the Original "Conan" - one Arnold Schwartaneger  has announced his separation from his hot wife Maria Shriver, I thought this might be kind of funny to relive.
Well, one of my Favorite movies was "Weird Al" Yankovics UHF, and they did a lot fun…
Weird Al LOST Billy Joel Parody
We all know Weird Al for all his great parodies... but here's one that never saw the light of day... Billy Joels "It's Still Rock and Roll To Me" and Weird Al gives it a good treatment. Take a listen to this Demo... Pretty funny stuff. Al has come a long was since then...
Living With a Hernia
So I woke up this morning with James Browns "Living in America" for some reason... then I thought of this. Not one of  "Weird Al's" biggest hits, but still funny! Good stuff!   It's hard to bowl!